Mix & Match Meditation and Mindfulness Course

This course is taught in four, one-hour sessions.  The first session begins with the basics of meditation – what it is, how it works, how it can benefit each person, and ways to integrate it into daily life.  Throughout the course, you’re taught and practice two powerful meditation techniques (one mantra based and one breath based).  Both techniques are hands-on and experiential, and we’ll discuss your experiences throughout the course.

In addition to the two meditation techniques, by the end of the course, you will have learned a wide range of general techniques to help you become more mindful throughout your days – and be able to implement these stress reducing practices into your daily work and life.

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Meditation For Beginners/Mindfulness For Beginners

These are perfect classes for beginners or anyone who wants to get back on track with meditation and/or incorporate mindfulness into your lifestyle.  No experience or prerequisites are necessary.

You’ll discover the basics of meditation – What meditation is, what it isn’t, experiences to expect and the many benefits that will unfold for you when you learn to meditate.  We will address different ways to meditate and learn how to integrate mindfulness techniques into your day to complement your daily meditation practice.

The Boston Buddha’s technique uses the breath and a silent sound, or mantra, that helps you direct your attention inward; to go beyond your thoughts, emotions, memories and worries, into the silence and stillness of your awareness – so you can recharge.

Any questions you have about meditation and mindfulness will be answered and after the informative sessions there will be guided meditations.

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Mind. Body. Compete. – The Complete Athlete

If you want to be good at your sport you really need two sets of skills –  the physical skills (training and drills) and the mental flexibility and toughness as a competitor. This course deals with the mental preparation and uses meditation techniques to get ready to compete as the best version of yourself.

This course is taught in four, one-hour sessions covering:

  • B.I.G.  (being big -not acting all big- assertive, in control, guarded but graceful = greatness)
  • Mindful Awareness (daily meditation practice for focused awareness and team unity)
  • Focused Fuel (eliminate the junk food- i.e. sports drinks)
  • Emotion Control (learning from past success and failures, being in the moment, bounce it)
  • Calm the nerves (breathing techniques)
  • Drive (not just wanting it… taking it)

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OM School’d

For families who want to learn mindfulness together – at their own pace, these four sessions are based on a set of skills that parents and children can learn and practice together.  You will find that this time together creates a peaceful space in your home that you can return to as often as you like.

We use a combination of techniques used in our meditation/mindfulness trainings.  Every class starts with a game or activity and ends with an introspective meditative period, focusing on the present moment and breath awareness.  In the middle is the teaching objective – for example, how to use mindfulness in the following ways:  to calm down, to focus, to help you go to sleep, to see yourself more clearly, or to help you in conflict resolution.
(four, 30 minute sessions)

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Online Meditation and Mindfulness Session

A One hour Skype session covering:

  • How meditation helps eliminate daily stress
  • How we developed our patterns of behavior
  • Why those patterns are so difficult to break
  • The impact of your past and how it is directing your future
  • How you created an ego-identity to survive in this world
  • How to identify your true self and overcome the fears that are holding you back

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“The great thing about Andy is that he’s very accessible and didn’t make the topic of meditation something I couldn’t relate to.  He explained the correlation between meditation and scientifically proven medical benefits to a guy like me.  It is good to know that medicine has proven there are very real benefits.”

David D.

“I have loved the ‘Introduction to Meditation’ classes I have attended – the incorporation of meditation has brought a lightness to my step and a softness to my heart and your quotes are perfect pauses each day… to reflect and appreciate moments/connections/love.  Thank you for helping to make the small steps of progress possible.”

Colleen R.