Corporate Meditation: Awareness In the Workplace

We offer Corporate Meditation Workshops, which provide quick and easy to learn meditation techniques, customized to fit your business schedule.  Andy’s proven method and strategies are designed to increase workplace efficiency and improve the overall health of your workforce.

With the ever changing landscape of technology, employees are working harder and faster with fewer resources.  Workplace stress is often the most overlooked yet most impactful health concern facing employers today.  A stressful work environment can create tension among staff and management, reduce company loyalty, decrease productivity and increase health care costs.  All of these factors can drastically cut into the growth and bottom line of any business.  Let The Boston Buddha help you grow your business!  For more information and/or to register for your own Awareness In The Workplace Course: Email Us


“The meditation techniques I learned from Andy’s workshop have helped me approach situations at work with a clearer and calmer mind, resulting in a better outcome for both myself and my coworkers. If there’s one place the incredible benefits of meditation can be put to use, it’s in the workplace.”

Jenny V., Hill Holliday

“The session was awesome and I really liked Andy and his manner with the team. I waited, though, to see what the reaction was today and everyone is raving. They really enjoyed the session, so many people were pleased and surprised at how easily they ‘got’ it, and everyone noticed a huge increase in their energy levels yesterday. They’re even staying more focused today.”

Christine S., Thomson Reuters