Commit To Sit – 2024 Work Day Meditation Challenge


Meditation, much like exercise isn’t always easy, but if we can get past a

Join Alli & Andy in 2024!

certain point together – typically achieved through two weeks to a month of daily mental pushups – you’ll see the benefits start to accrue rapidly. So to help you stay committed in 2024 you can connect with us in person every day of the week! Over the past few years Alli, Rene, Chloe and Andy came up with a plan. R3Bilt  contributed to my physical strength and outward transformation these past 2 years but I felt we needed to emphasize the importance of being aligned internally with some “bicep curls for the brain”. So last year, we successfully developed a prototype for establishing a consistent meditation practice. Through miniaturized workshops, we refined the approach, expanded our meditation group, added some variety to keep you engaged and now we are prepared to extend this transformative practice to our community.

The Challenge:
Meditate with Alli, Andy, Rene & Chloe,  4 or 5 days a week- Monday through Friday. Take the weekend off.
It’s happening RIGHT NOW, Monday – Friday during the holiday season to help keep you relaxed… but it will officially kick off with our weekly themes on Wednesday, January 3rd, at Andy’s 12:15 Meditation class. Invite your friends!
The Method: 
Every Wednesday, we will break each week down into themes. The theme is designed to help us focus on one aspect of meditation and mindfulness that we can work on for that week. Each theme will have a corresponding quote – that we can come back to and read through the week. It should help us remember to practice mindfulness in our everyday life. We want to keep the theme of the week in our awareness all week long to help us build consistency. The 250 work day challenge is designed to show you how easy it can be to work meditation into your day – integrating a new mindful attitude – changing your choices and life.
Throughout the YEAR we will explore many different meditation styles and practices – and play around with different techniques, time periods, and provide tools that keep you inspired to commit to sit. The goal is to find a mediation practice that works for YOU, so you can sustain it on your own throughout the whole year. We want you to come to a space where we can support and encourage each other the whole year, share our experience, the breakthroughs and roadblocks, ask questions, and offer ideas and theme suggestions for future classes.
Please join us on our heartfelt mission to bring meditation and mindfulness into your daily life and into the lives of those around you.
For the past 15 years, my dharma has been simple and clear – make meditation accessible to as many people as I can so they can connect more fully to the present moment and feel happier in their lives. I teach because it makes me happier than anything in the world when I see people have that “Aha!” moment – when they finally get a little glimpse of who they really are beneath all that surface noise of thought and emotion. I also love to be part of people’s journey towards self-care, self-discovery, and self-love. I hope to empower and guide students to trust their own inner-self; that real sense of knowing, and become the absolute best versions of themselves in a way that brings them true, deep and grounded joy. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate our 15th year helping make Meditation For Everyone!
Starts Wednesday, January 3, 2024 @ 12:15
502 Granite Ave,
Milton, MA 02186
Ready to try out a class? See our schedule and pricing options below.

Email or call 857.267.2107. to get in touch!

Meditation Matters: In-Depth Podcast Conversation with Jordan Rich – ON MIC

I hope you will join me for an intimate conversation where Jordan and I dive deep into meditation.

The Catalyst: What inspired me to start meditating and the initial challenges I faced.

The Transformation: How meditation transformed my mental and emotional well-being.

The Practical Tips: Simple techniques and practices that helped me build a consistent meditation routine.

The Benefits: The incredible changes I’ve experienced in my daily life, from reduced stress to increased clarity and focus.

The Bigger Picture: How meditation connects us to a deeper sense of purpose and spirituality.

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or someone who’s never tried it before, this conversation is for you! Let’s explore the power of mindfulness, inner peace, and self-discovery together.



Meditation Workshop – Dealing With Difficult Emotions

Hope you will join Alli Barnes and me for our next full day workshop on October 14, 2023, 11:00-3:00!It’s my personal favorite and the meditations that I practice the most. This month we will focus is on reducing our anger, frustration and managing our emotions.
We’ll recognize what triggers our emotional reactive patterns. Start to notice how frequently we have these little flashes of irritability and see if we can learn to disconnect from our reactive hot buttons.

The meditation and mindset techniques taught in this class uses your awareness of the present moment and your breath, to help you stay in this moment without judging the moment or yourself so harshly.

Call to register:857-267-2107 or Click Here: Meditation On Emotions

Become a certified Meditation Guide in 2023!

Want to start the new year off with more focus, self awareness, and compassion with yourself and in turn others?

Train with us and become a certified Meditation Guide!

The next training begins on January 20, 2023. We will be hosting the training at R3Bilt Fitness again in Milton MA. (right off the highway) 502 Granite Ave, Milton, MA 02186.
Our MFE training is dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to wholeness by cultivating awareness, connecting mindfully, and enhancing resilience and compassion.
The training is very hands-on with practical application. Most importantly, you will learn to deepen your own meditation and mindfulness practice. You will also learn how to teach others with more confidence if that’s what you are looking for, add more variety to your mindfulness sessions, and grow your practice.

Remember that things will change when WE change!

When we shift from the default mode of distracted, reacting, and overthinking all the time, to being and feeling – a rotation in consciousness -and we hold that rotation until BEING becomes the default mode.

It’s such a privilege to host, practice, and fully immerse myself in this training with you each year. We are all on a collective adventure together and I hope that you’ll join us for our next training at R3Bilt right outside of Boston! Email: to set up a call.

For additional Information:

Meditation Yoga & Mindset Retreat – Fall 2022

Coming Soon! We’re excited to share that Alli Barnes and I have been working on a NEW Meditation & Mindset program for this fall 2022!

Taking everything we learned from our first program together, Alli and I thought: What if we invited a group of like-minded people to retreat from their busy lives for a few days – and in that process removed the constant stimulation of the external environment that constantly reminded them of who they thought they should be?

We figured if we break away just long enough from our habitual everyday routines, the places we go, the work we do, the food we eat, etc, we could break free of our past conditioning and would be reminded that we are so much bigger than who we think we are.

What if we spent the first few days really teaching you how to meditate, move, and create more coherence and compassion in our hearts – really set that foundation – and then spent the rest of our time together sharing experiences and repeatedly cultivating these new lifelong habits?

I think we would get better at expanding our awareness and opening our hearts to each other – making us naturally happy. Leaving together with a more focused vision of a brighter future!

This retreat will relax, restore, and challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone, while you create space, peace, and balance in your life.

We will learn to slow down, take care of your body and learn to be present so you can really enjoy those gifts that surround you every day in your own life.

Getting out into nature and breaking away from the typical storylines of our lives helps us tap into a deeper awareness that is always with us.

Check out the link for all the details. We’d be delighted if you joined us!

Alli & Andy

2 Month Virtual Meditation and Mindset Training

Alli and I created this two month Meditate & Mindset program at R3Bilt to give you a complete meditation experience with a single click. We created this program because WE needed it as much as you.

We teach through examples, interweave weekly meditation techniques, relay clinical research, communicate thematic intentions and hopefully help you change your mindset – And then there is some silence.

This program was designed to challenge you. To GUIDE you. And, it was designed to heal you. You will be challenged by the time we’re asking you to commit – 5 days a week, for 8 weeks. You’ve got this!

You will be challenged by the stillness. And while we will not make any promises, I will tell you this: if you commit to this journey for the full 8 weeks, you will be forever changed by what you discover within yourself.

We’re not asking you to change anything about yourself as you commit to this journey.  We’re only asking that you show up daily, open-eyed and present. I cannot wait to hear how these next 8 weeks transform you – not just at the level of your mind and body, but at the level of your soul.

Let’s begin together on 4/4/2022!

Register here:

Alli & Andy

Become a Meditation Guide in 2022!

Want to start the new year off with more focus, self awareness, and compassion with yourself and in turn others?

Train with us and become a certified Meditation Guide!

2022 is almost here. I know I’m still trying to process all that was 2020. 😳 Join me in making a commitment to make 2022 the most amazing year of our lives.

Remember that things will change when WE change!

When we shift from the default mode of distracted, reacting, and overthinking all the time, to being and feeling – a rotation in consciousness -and we hold that rotation until BEING becomes the default mode.

It’s such a privilege to host, practice, and fully immerse myself in this training with you each year. We are all on a collective adventure together and I hope that you’ll join us for our next training at R3Bilt right outside of Boston! Email: to set up a call.

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OM School’d

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”  Sydney J. Harris

Billy, Hayden, Andy, Catharine, Faith @ Hayden’s graduation from WMA 2021!

When an educator opens a student up to a learning experience that is exciting and mysterious, it can encourage them to continue to explore it. An educator can do this by showing a student the window to their own education.

William (Billy) Rosenbeck’s class: Meditations in Literature, did this for our son in his senior year at Wilbrham & Monson Academy during a full blown pandemic. I know this for sure because for the past 15 years I’ve been trying to get Hayden to think meditation is “cool”.  It took Billy’s passion as an educator and passion for his own meditation practice for Hayden to really understand why it was so vital to his success. For years I’ve been pleading with anyone that will listen that meditation needs to be integrated into our daily education system. A shift of the default mode of the brain from always thinking, thinking, thinking to one that teaches them to put down their phones and just re-learn how to BE. Getting out of their heads for a while and back into the body, really feeling – being. Full Embodied Awareness.

Meditations In Literature – syllabus.

WMA is pioneering this movement with Billy’s course. His students meditate ever school day- 5 days a week for 20 minutes. I mean, look at some of these books from Hayden’s class! Who wouldn’t want to take this class?

Billy has a sincere, outgoing personality, which combined with his teaching background, allows him to really connect with these students and confidently guide them through their daily meditations. Billy is guiding these students on their own path back to wholeness with just the right amount of guidance and relatability, and by fully listening to them and holding space for them.

I can say with certainty, in the six years I have offered the Meditation For Everyone Teacher Training program, Billy really took advantage of the training like few others. He fully engaged with the material and it shows in his results. Billy was already meditating daily since 2017 so he had a solid foundation. He had also been practicing yoga and taking an independent study on meditation and has worked hard at keeping his “beginners mind” fresh all throughout these years. Billy’s willingness to always keep learning, growing, and practicing in new ways is refreshing to witness as a teacher… and a parent of one of his students. In fact, right after the MFE training in 2019, Billy traveled halfway around the world to practice and continue his study of mediation in Nepal. This attempt at jumping right in to something that seems so daunting and unfamiliar to most of us, is what makes Billy so special.

My son is away at Lynn University, running XC and trying to figure out life on his own freshman year. Just knowing he has all these meditation techniques to pull from when he needs to is incredibly comforting. Is he still meditating? I’m not sure – but he did text me the other day and said, “Meditation is a flex, Dad.” I’m not sure what that means but I think that’s a good sign. =)

Thank you, Billy.

LovingKindness Meditation – Dedicated to all of our Healthcare Heroes out there!

It has been a long few weeks here. Sometimes we can feel helpless, yet what I hope to continue to do, is bring a little routine and structure to our days and maybe even distract some from watching too much news!
What has been bringing me joy, is sitting with all of you, connecting, breathing and being together. Thank you for practicing with me. It gives me such purpose to share what I care about. And, as I said last week, what began as 3 weeks, will now continue through the month of April. I will show up here on Instagram LIVE – follow @THEBOSTONBUDDHA -each morning, Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM EDT! I invite everyone to join me and truly lay a solid foundation, not only to begin your day, but possibly to establish a lifelong practice.
I call it a meditation PRACTICE because we will always be practicing accepting the present moment, as it is.
So again, thank you for sitting with me and giving me structure.
Thank you too, to all the heroes out there saving lives – nurses, doctors, healthcare aides, admissions staff, nurses on the phones, pharmacists, grocery store workers, cashiers, EMTs, first responders, fire and police, delivery truck drivers and restaurants delivering food!
As my Dad says to me every day, “please be careful.” I also want to have a special shout out to HIS nursing staff who are all risking their health and safety to take care of his, especially Matt, Rose, and Gene (or as my Dad calls him, “The Big Fella”). Thank you and we love you!
Finally to my kids’ pediatrician, Dr. Midura and her incredible team at Dedham Medical in Norwood, thank you for always being there 24/7 to be the voice of calm in this sea of chaos. Big thanks to Jay Hartford as well. Knowing that he is at Childrens Hospital has been helping me sleep a little easier at night!
Thank you ALL for helping our country and communities heal, by knowing you are there, fighting for us, tirelessly!
Love you all!

Here is this weeks LovingKindness Meditation.  I hope it helps!


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