Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name The Boston Buddha come from?

I am an avid Boston and New England sports fan.  We felt following along the theme of hard working, established teams such as The Boston Red Sox… Celtics, etc , would resonate with people just like me.

To me, the definition of Buddha is an individual that is aware of what is going on, in and around them, and they are understanding and compassionate.

We can all be Boston Buddhas, if you think about it.

So, are you a Buddhist?

No, I am not a Buddhist.  Actually, I am 1 of 8 kids, raised in an Irish, Catholic family from a suburb just outside of Boston.

We may never be as enlightened as the Buddha, but I believe there’s a buddha with a lower case “b” within all of us.  It’s the part of you that doesn’t want your ego to run the show all the time.  It knows how to break free of the past, let go and have fun.  It’s the voice of the real you.  It’s your inner, hard working, average, everyday buddha – who resists the status quo.   It wakes you back up to who you really are and gives you the authentic power to make real change.

To me, Buddhism is not about what you believe, it’s about how you live and what you do – your experiences, deep as they may be, don’t really mean much until you’ve lived them out.

Why the Coconut?

Our logo was inspired by the simple poem Coconut by Paul Hostovsky.  It’s about a father and son, and how they find happiness just by paying attention to one another in the aisle of a supermarket.

My wife also liked that coconuts weren’t indigenous to Boston and that it was quite an ODD but memorable branding choice.  She also enjoys mailing coconuts to unsuspecting companies.

It’s funny, I’m not particularly crazy about any food with coconut in it but I honestly can’t run without my coconut water.

Why did you found The Boston Buddha?

I founded The Boston Buddha because I know without a doubt the average person can live a happier life by incorporating meditation into their busy schedule.  I am proof of it.

I also wanted to take this ancient teaching and give it more of a mainstream voice.  I knew there were people just like me, that could benefit from meditation.

I provide mindfulness based education in the form of meditation, for everyone – Individuals, Families, Schools, Companies, Organizations. I offer one-on-one or small group meditation classes, which allow for detailed interactive instructions and individualized attention for all.

What are a few things people want to know about you?

I used to think I was the thoughts in my head – that I was the positions I held and the possessions that I owned.

I am a devoted Dad and Husband.  I’ve been a member of Dana Farber’s Marthon Team three times.  I love coaching my son’s basketball teams.

I occasionally say stupid things and I don’t walk around all calm all the time.  Just ask my wife.

So how DID you find this path?

I received the book ‘Perfect Health’ by Dr. Deepak Chopra as a gift from my wife.  Honestly I didn’t know Deepak from Tupac and I actually thought it would be the perfect item to re-gift.

It sat on my table for a few months until one day I picked it up.  There was a chapter on the science behind mediation that made me curious.  The positive health benefits from practicing were undeniable.

Within a few days I enrolled in the first of many meditation courses.  After that series I slept soundly through the night for the first time in ages and I was on the path to pursuing meditation further.

Do people call you names?

My wife lovingly refers to me as her, “Meat and Potatoes Meditator”.  Some friends call me their “Blue Collar Buddha” as well.  I’m pretty sure there are others…

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the awareness that arises by paying attention, on purpose, in the moment, with acceptance and without judgment.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a process used to help you relax, reduce stress, and improve your quality of life.  Practiced for thousands of years, it’s not about forcing the mind to be quiet, it’s finding the silence that’s already there and making it a part of your life.  It usually involves sitting and breathing techniques that help focus your attention to a single point of reference.

What are the benefits of Meditation?

Practicing Meditation on a daily basis can help you to:

  1. Manage stress
  2. Reduce anxiety
  3. Improve your relationships
  4. Create inner awareness and peace
  5. Awaken your intuition
  6. Enhance your sleep patterns
  7. Lower your blood pressure
  8. Become less judgmental
  9. Connect to spirit

How will Meditation affect my health?

Nowadays, doctors are increasingly citing stress as a major contributing factor to most illnesses.  Even though meditation should not be considered a cure by itself, research has shown it to be beneficial for a wide range of health problems.  As stress is greatly eliminated through meditation, our minds and bodies begin to function with maximum effectiveness, creating health, vitality and happiness.

What kind of Meditation do you teach?

I practice and teach both Mantra and breath based meditations.

What’s a Mantra and do you have one?

A Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means vehicle or instrument of the mind.   It’s usually a sound, vibration, word, or phrase that is repeated to yourself.  It could be spoken aloud, as a chant, or silently, when you meditate.  The best mantras are sounds which have no clear meaning, and are used as a way of interrupting your usual thought patterns and moving your awareness inward.  There are many mantras ranging from words taken from Hindu Sanskrit to Christian scripture (especially when “saying the rosary,” where the repetition of the prayer is meditative).

My mantra is, “Meditation for Everyone”.

Do you make people OM out loud?

There is such a big misconception that even I made about meditation.  People think you have to be a hippie, wear patchouli, burn incense and maybe even worship the Dalai Lama in order to be successful.  Because I was able to find the quiet that exists in all of us, I knew I wanted to share this with others.  Trust me, if someone like me can find this stillness, you can too… anyone can meditate.  It is as simple to incorporate into your daily life as taking a shower or brushing your teeth.

I am not an MD.

Anyone who has met me certainly knows this, but I still feel compelled to put up a disclaimer.

The information on this site reflects only MY personal experiences, mostly with meditation, and should not be substituted for professional medical advice.