On Mic with Jordan Rich – Meditation Podcast

October, 2023– (podcast) Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or someone who’s never tried it before, this conversation is for you! Join Andy and Jordan Rich as they explore the power of mindfulness, inner peace, and self-discovery together.

5 Benefits & Best Practices of Meditation – NBC The Hub Today

January, 2023– (video) Are you looking to explore the many benefits of meditation but don’t know quite where to start? Andy Kelley, better known as The Boston Buddha, shares a variety of tips and tricks for getting into meditation practices and how they can impact your mindfulness in everyday life.

The Boston Buddha Has 3 Tips to Weather These Challenging Times -NECN Boston

March, 2020– (video) Our lives have been extra stressful lately due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Anna Rossi chats with the “The Boston Buddha” who has three simple tips

How to start a meditation practice 2019 – Boston Globe

January, 2019– So, why aren’t more people doing it? For one, “it’s hard to keep at it,” says Andy Kelley, who teaches meditation in the Boston area though his business, The Boston Buddha. “It takes some discipline. Like going to the gym: You have to stick with it to see the benefits.” He initially turned to the practice years ago as a last-resort remedy…

The Best Meditation Gear for 2018- Men’s Health

January, 2018– Check out the products that Andy uses to keep him inspired to meditate every day. 8 Products That Will Actually Make You Want to Meditate in 2018!

Men’s Health Magazine

Happiness Hacks for 2018 – The Boston Globe

December 27, 2017- Check out The Boston Globe for eight ways to feel better in 2018!  Tips from the Boston Buddha.

Boston Globe

Achieve Bridal Zen -Boston Magazine

Spring, 2016– Wedding-Planning woes getting you down?  Keep calm and carry on with these words of wisdom from The Boston Buddha’s, Andy Kelley.

Achieve Bridal Zen


Norbella reviews its “Awareness In The Workplace” series with “The Boston Buddha”

May 1, 2015—  “I thought to myself that if Andrew could quiet my busy mind, he would be some kind of Buddha superhero! Secretly in the back of my mind, I wondered if this meeting would take the full amount of time because my To Do list was waiting…”

Meditation for People Who Don’t Get It But Really Need it

New York Times Best Selling Author, Celebrity Fitness trainer,  Chalene Johnson recently asked Andy to be a guest on her show!

May 28, 2015—  Andy sits down with Chalene to discuss meditation for business owners and entrepreneurs.  In this interview, we explore his approach to teaching meditation in corporations.

Meet The Boston Buddha

About Meditation interview with “The Boston Buddha”

April 1, 2015—  Andy sits down with Morgan Dix to discuss meditation.  In this interview, we learn about the events that led to Andy becoming The Boston Buddha, and we explore his approach to teaching meditation in corporations and schools..

Does Money Buy Happiness

Chronicle (WCVB ch5) interview with “The Boston Buddha”

April 16, 2014—  Andy sits down with Shayna to discuss meditation and happiness.  Andy believes that happiness comes from the mental habits you continually practice – through moment to moment awareness.  These are our mental push-ups!  We can train the mind to be more like the qualities we admire – so we can get out of our own way – and be happier in our lives.

Mindful Meditation: BEYOND STRONG® with Jessica R.

Advice from “The Boston Buddha”

January 6, 2014—  Got Stress? Here is the link for the show on Mindfulness Mediation with The Boston Buddha.

How Atlanta sports fans can survive these terrible times

Advice from “The Boston Buddha”

October 15, 2013—  Andy’s also a huge Boston sports fan who has dealt with many sports-induced lows—some stretching decades—over the last forty years. I reached out to him today, desperate for answers, still sick from the simultaneous collapse of the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Dream, and Bulldogs within the last week.

Davidji and The Boston Buddha Fox Boston

May 2013—  The Boston Buddha and davidji discuss “Tips For Mom’s” on The Fox Morning Show

The Boston Buddha and davidji discuss meditation for moms | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

Meditation Helps Kids Chill Out, Reduce Impulsivity

May 21, 2013—  The words “zen” and “child” don’t exactly go together, but that hasn’t stopped a growing number of parents from “ohm schooling” their kids in the art of yoga, meditation and relaxation.  Andrew Kelley of Boston said he and his 10-year-old son, Hayden, have been meditating together since Hayden was 7 years old. Each morning before school, father and son sit on cushions, legs crossed, eyes closed, quietly monitoring the rise and fall of their chests as they breathe.


Working Man’s Buddha

Dec, 2012—  He’s been called the blue-collar Buddha and a happiness ambassador, and he’s all that and more — the guy you’ve just met but feel like you’ve known your whole life, the guy who has you doubled over laughing within minutes.  And — oh yeah — he’s the guy who can teach you how to enjoy life.


Meet Chopra Center University

October, 2012—  Thousands from around the world have dedicated themselves to learning, sharing, teaching, and mastering the curricula created by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon. Check out Andy speaking on why he chose the teachers path and became a meditation instructor for the Chopra Center.


Teaching Children and Teenagers

March, 2012 — “This edition of the CCU Newsletter is dedicated to teaching children. Whether you currently teach children or plan to share these teachings with the next generation, this issue will provide valuable tips, techniques, and insights from experts in the realm of teaching kids.”


Students Find Their Centers in Milton Meditation Class

December 8, 2011 — “Meditation helps 9-year-old Mayu Joiner concentrate in school. It teaches Kate Delaney, 10, how to calm down when she feels frustrated, and prevents Shea Flanagan, also 10, from getting angry at a classmate.”


Milton Resident Runs Boston Marathon for a Friend, a Cause

April 12, 2011 — “Andy Kelley, has put in the work with 91 training runs, now he’s entering the home stretch in his effort to raise over $8,000 for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.” The Milton Patch


Fox 25 Morning News Interview: The Boston Buddha

October 25, 2010 —Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston
Fox 25 News

The Boston Buddha: The Guy Next Door of Meditation Instruction

September 25, 2010 — “Andy Kelley was an advancement-driven guy’s guy until he discovered meditation five years ago. Though he hasn’t given up sports with his buddies, Kelley is now a Chopra Center-certified instructor.”

The Milton Patch

Andrew Kelley Finds Inspiration Through Meditation

February 11, 2010 — “Andrew Kelley is a different person today than he was five years ago.”

The Milton Times