Meditation Teacher Training

FJ0A0003 We’re back!!! Winter 2022: The Boston Buddha’s, Meditation For Everyone  – Teacher Training Program provides meditation training and support to anyone wishing to deepen their meditation practice, incorporate mindfulness techniques into your existing profession, or teach friends and family members privately.

It’s Meditation For Everyone (MFE) – created for those of us who want to improve our own focus, self-awareness, self-confidence, inspire creativity, and become strong, calm, positive leaders in any field.

Andy designed this program so that individuals can learn and really understand meditation, and then share these valuable ‘skills trainings’ with others.  Andy offers a unique approach to practicing and teaching meditation – molded around his own teaching experience, his extensive education with the Chopra Center, The Center For Mindfulness, and Fluid Yoga trainings; he created this program to be relevant and support everyone looking for skills that nurture and awaken you to your best life.

As a meditating mother of four who understood first hand the benefits of parenting with presence, I wanted to share my mindfulness practice with others. I’d begun teaching basics in neighborhood school classrooms, but wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, or if it was okay to be doing it at all. After training with Andy, not only was I certified to instruct the Meditation For Everyone syllabus, but I was also readied to fine tune my own programming and clearly map out a purposeful plan for my peace education practice. Andy is the real deal. He offers an empowering certification for meditation teachers. With extensive experience in public schools, he pairs practical instruction on working with students and faculty with the loftier topics of mindfulness.”   – Vanessa Gobes, Certified MFE Instructor, 2014


Overview of the Meditation Teacher Training Program

FJ0A9989The training will be led by Andy Kelley, a certified meditation teacher with the Chopra Center and accomplished leader in the field of mindfulness and spirituality, as well as other seasoned meditation teachers. For over a decade now, Andy has been teaching a wide range of meditation and mindfulness techniques to a variety of people around the world.

Andy will be joined by a guest faculty speakers – experts in the fields of mind body health, yoga, social media marketing, and other relevant guests.

Level 1 MFE Teacher Training Program

2019 Certified MFE Meditation Guides!

The Level 1  MFE Teacher Training Program consists of 4 weekend modules, spread over the course of 3 months at R3Bilt 502 Granite Ave, Milton MA.  The first two modules are there to support, deepen, and solidify your own daily mediation practice followed by 2 consecutive Teacher Training Intensive weekends in MARCH  2022.   

It is an extensive study in the history and practice of meditation on both the Vedic and Buddhist sides, as well as dissecting the avalanche of science that is out there that supports this daily mind training practice.  You will receive your own personal mantra and commit to a daily practice.

The MARCH 2022 Intensive is an immersion into your own personal meditation practice as well as practical training in teaching meditation.

The intensive incorporates meditation practices, education about the effects of stress on the body and mind, learn how to step out of your story and into conscious ‘in the moment’ choice making, take restorative yoga and other movement practices (no experience required), attend discussions and group exercises, and develop a deep lifelong connection with your new meditating friends.

Certification  Process

2020 Certified MFE Meditation Guides!

The Boston Buddha – Meditation For Everyone, certification is our own.  Our program is established in Andy Kelley’s 15 years of continued success with reaching and helping people become happier in their lives.  While this certification is based on knowing a set of meditation standards, it’s our mission is to help you become qualified to teach meditation to everyone.


“We’re establishing safety by continuing to practice daily ourselves and by being real with eachother.  The fact is, if you’re asking someone to trust you, and then telling them to meditate twice a day… you had better be doing it yourself.”  – Andy Kelley

Our focus is very practical and straightforward – we give you the foundation in the first two weekends, focusing on the mythology, Sanskrit, Vedic, Buddhism, the science, and specific techniques.  The last two weekends we work on the practical application of meditation and mindfulness – bringing our own experience into the teachings – connecting more deeply with ourselves – so we can connect more deeply with others and reach more people in our community.

“For years, I’ve been telling my wife that we have plenty of amazing quality yoga teachers  – what this world needs now more than ever is quality meditation teachers. We think we’ve created something special here that seems to connect with a wider audience that might not otherwise be inclined to meditate.” – Andy Kelley

Become a Meditation Guide! Our meditation teacher training program is a model that has to do with guiding students. We’re not changing or trying to fixing anyone – there’s nothing to fix. We’re allowing the students to find their own path to wholeness with just the right amount of ‘guidance’ and relateability. Because after all, they’re already whole.  Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll receive our certificate and be qualified to teach simple, easy, and powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques.  These techniques include:

• Body/Breath Awareness Techniques

• Self-Inquiry Practice

• Silent Mantra/Sutra Meditation Techniques

• Mindfulness Practices

• Compassion Meditations


Training Dates for R3Bilt, WINTER 2022.

Introduction To Mantra Meditation

Friday, January 21           6:30- 8:30PM
Saturday, January 22      11-4
Sunday, January 23         11-4

Introduction To Mindfulness Meditation

Friday, February 11          6:30- 8:30PM
Saturday, February 12     11-4
Sunday, February 13        11-4

Teaching Meditation & Mindfulness Part 1

Friday, March 11              6:30- 8:30PM
Saturday, March 12         11-4
Sunday, March 13            11-4

Teaching Mindfulness Part 2 & Graduation Weekend

Friday, March 18             6:30- 8:30PM
Saturday, March 19        11-4
Sunday, March 20           11-4

Program Tuition
Earlybird tuition for the FULL Teacher Certification Program is $1600. A down payment of $500. will hold your spot and lock you into the $1600. rate. After DECEMBER 31, 2021 the fee increases to $1800. Space is limited to 20 students. Tuition does not include meals, transportation, or accommodations during the training.

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