The Morning Mindfulness course teaches kids HOW to pay attention. Our before school program brings dramatic improvements in concentration, attention, and unity among students.

The Boston Buddha also conducts training and workshops for parents, public and private school teachers, therapists and aids in educations in Social Emotional work.

Benefits of Being Mindful

After years of extensive research on mindfulness, we knows that learning to be mindful can:

    • Increases Attention Span
    • Improves Impulse control
  • Reduces stress
  • Builds community and Empathy

Our Curriculum

We use a combination of techniques used in mindfulness meditation trainings. Every class starts with a game or activity and ends with an introspective meditative period, focusing on the present moment and breath awareness.  In the middle is the teaching objective – for example, how to use mindfulness in the following ways:  to calm down, to focus, to help you go to sleep, to see yourself more clearly, or to help you in conflict resolution.

Instructor Andy Kelley is an ordinary dad who shares witty and relatable stories to both teachers and students alike about the benefits of meditation. These benefits even go beyond the classroom. According to a study of the mental health of teenagers by Kaiser Permanente, meditation has helped successfully treat depression, anorexia and bulimia and various mood disorders.

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