Corporate Meditation Training

Workplace stress is often the most overlooked yet most impactful health concern facing employers today. A stressful work environment can create tension among staff and management, reduce company loyalty, decrease productivity and increase health care costs.    All of these factors can drastically cut into the bottom line of any business.

The Workplace Re-boot Seminar

The Boston Buddha offers a Workplace Re-boot seminar which provides quick, easy to learn meditation exercises customized to fit your business schedule. Andy Kelley’s proven method and strategies are designed to increase workplace efficiency and improve the overall health of your workforce.

People are working harder and faster with fewer resources.  With the invention of smart phones we’re always connected and can be available to work 24/7.  We fill up all our time – and the demand is always going up – demands on us physically, emotionally, and mentally. When you learn to meditate you learn to manage your own personal energy and use it to renew your own internal resources.

If the ultimate goal is to get the highest productivity from your team, managers need to make sure their employees’ core needs being met.  When I teach them to meditate,  (and get out of their own way) they loose a lot of that negative workplace energy that was taking up so much time and space- this is where I believe companies can make real change.  One of the main things I tell managers is not to label my workshops “wellness” or ” work life balance” … because I used to be that guy in the conference room that would roll his eyes in judgment whenever we would have to do these forced ” team building” exercises.   In my experience the work life balance is not taking seriously – so we focus on the individual. If the individual wants to be happier, wants be more successful they need to want to invest in themselves and learn to refuel their productivity.

From former Google Philanthropic Director Larry Brilliant to CEO Mark Benioff; many of America’s top business leaders are incorporating the benefits of meditation into their workday.

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