Gaining Valuable Information From Inside

We tend not to pay attention to what’s happening in our bodies all that much.  Sometimes were too busy to notice the subtle warning signs of stress.  If we’re feeling some kind of general discomfort we jump right in and immediately react – trying to figure out a way to make it feel better.

We need to look carefully at what’s happening in our bodies to help us understand what’s really going on in our inner landscape.  A consistent yoga and meditation practice can help you get more in touch with what’s really going on in your body and mind.  Regular practice helps you tune into the moment and be less critical of yourself – because you’re learning to have a greater awareness of your mood, flexibility, and energy levels.  You’re able to adapt and accommodate to your body needs in that moment  – instead of forcing or pushing an emotion away and demanding that your body do certain things you may not be ready for .

So join Betty and The Boston Buddha at STIL Studio on Mondays and if you’re in the Hanover area I hope to see you at one of my Monthly Meditation classes with Rose and Maryellen at WillowRock!

Move & Meditate – Moves to Mondays

Join Betty Riaz and Andy Kelley as they lead you through 30 minutes of a simple slow flow Vinyasa series and a 30 minute meditation.

Cost of class is $17.  To register, go to: or click on the logo above and search SCHEDULE.

Beginning 2/4/13, every Mindful Monday from 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM.

Guided Meditation

Join Andy Kelley as he leads you through a guided meditation using your awareness of the present moment and breath.  This hour class will end with an interactive Q&A session.

Cost of class is $15.  To register, go to: or click on the logo above and search SPECIALTY CLASSES.

One Saturday a month from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM – come once or come to all.

2/2/13, 3/9/13, 4/6/13, 5/11/13, 6/1/13


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