Secrets of Meditation

“When I let go of who I am, I become who I might be”Lao Tzu

In his new book “Secrets of Meditation“, davidji offers a truly unique approach to personal transformation.  Using a daily meditation practice as his foundation, dji shares his own journey of self-discovery and some powerful lessons that he’s learned along the way.

With his classic humor and wisdom, davidji guides you through the meditation process. He discusses many forms of meditation for you to “try on” and see what works for you – and he gives you specific tips on how to deal with a wide range of challenges and experiences that will most likely happen when you first get started.

It’s a great book for everyone – beginners because it’s packed with the best (and most current) scientific evidence out there on meditation, but I also found that it digs pretty deep to help support someone that has been practicing meditation for years.

As the subtitle suggest, it will definitely appeal to those already on a path to personal transformation.  But I’ve also shared the teachings in this book with everyone from business owners to elementary school students – and even a few of my brothers.  That’s the true power of this book; davidji makes meditation accessible to everyone and inspires you to make meditation a part of your way of life.

Over the last ten years I’ve read a ton of inspirational books and attended many meditation workshops, retreats, and seminars – with some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers; and what makes davidji’s new book stand out  – is that he understands WHY a meditation practice is so vital to your own happiness and health.  I think it’s also because, while some books and retreats may focus on personal growth for personal success, davidji explains HOW meditation not only changes your personal life  – but it also changes the lives of people around you.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and studying with davidji at the Chopra Center since 2007.   Since then he has been The Boston Buddha’s biggest champion.  Behind the scenes he’s been influential and instrumental in the growth of the company.  He’s a wonderful friend to Catharine and Hayden – even teaching my son Primordial Sound Meditation at age nine.  And, although he picks the absolute worst sports teams to root for… I still consider him a a dear friend – and my east coast brother.

Davidji unveils many secrets in this wonderful book.  And, among his many secrets was this little nugget I stumbled upon.

There among the many celebrity meditators, sandwiched between Thoreau and Tina Turner, was – The Boston Buddha.

You should have seen my face when I read it.  I never dreamt I’d see this!  Best secret of all. SO much love and gratitude for davidji and his new book, “Secrets of Meditation” !

Peace IN.



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