Three Steps To Cultivating Optimism

bodhiNegative experiences are an essential part of life.  As the Buddha said, ” Life is suffering”.  It’s the First Nobel Truth.  This week in our Move & Meditate class we will learn different techniques to help us learn from our suffering and cultivate the positive in our life.

The first way to deal with a negative experience is to BE with it.  The first question I asked myself when I notice that I’m stressed or suffering is, ” What need is not being met right now?”.  So often we are motivated to escape that negative experience as soon as we are in it, that we can’t find the root of the problem.  If we can embrace and be with the negative experience, that helps us look for strategies to address that need that is not being met.   So, we want to be with the experience, feel the experience, observe the experience.

Next we practice letting go of what is negative with the experience. We’re trying to help drain that negative energy out of the body. Breathing ourself back to the moment.  We “practice” letting go because this stuff is hard work – we can’t just say, “just let it go” and expect it to be quick and easy.happy path

Finally we try to find the positive in the experience and let that seep into our awareness.   When it feels right to try to replace what we have let go of what some positive alternative.

I can sum up this weeks mantra in nine words – from three Vedic Sages, The Beatles, The Movie Frozen, and The Goo Goo Dolls.


I hope this helps!


Please join us for a very special Move & Meditate class this Thursday, April 3 at 7:00 to 8:00 PM to benefit bodhi & mind yoga. To register please call STIL STUDIO @  781-4-407-9642.

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