Finding The Present In The Moments This Holiday Season

It’s that time again and there’s so much to do – shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating, planning, and traveling.  We are wrapped up in our own personal busyness during the holiday season and the flurry of emotions that come with getting together with friends and family; some, of course you disagree with… on just about everything. I think we can all agree that the holiday season can be incredibly stressful. If you’re like me and have tried everything else, maybe a little meditation can help you cope with your holiday stress.

I used to say, “bring it on” when it came to the holidays and go heavy into the season until I ran out of gas.  Now, I find real power and the restorative effects of just sitting.  Meditation really helps me step out of the story in my head – my worries and anxiety about the future and my breath grounds me back to the facts of the present moment. It gives me clarity and the capacity to connect more deeply with myself, so when I’m done meditating I can connect more fully with others in a real authentic way.

So give it a try.  You don’t have to sit for hours to find this stillness either.  Start on December 1st. with as little as 5 minutes every day.  Get a streak going.  Set an intention to lightly focus your attention on your breath.  5 minutes a day will help you start to develop that muscle against the resistance of distraction. Every time you notice your mind wonder to a distraction, just say, “Ok, buddy. Time come back to your breath.” Be nice to yourself. The distractions are there to remind us to come back to the breath. Be grateful for the reminders – they are the magic moments of awareness. Soon you will actually develop this ability to calm yourself both in and out of meditation. What a gift to bring with your into the new year!

The big thing to remember is that everyone is struggling with something this holiday season. We all live with the fear of uncertainty… and at the end of the day everyone is doing the best they can from their own level of awareness. Keep that in mind and practice a little self kindness this season. Set sometime aside for yourself to cultivate these daily 5 minute mini meditations!


I hope this helps.

Happy Holidays!


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