Meditation Yoga & Mindset Retreat – Fall 2022

Coming Soon! We’re excited to share that Alli Barnes and I have been working on a NEW Meditation & Mindset program for this fall 2022!

Taking everything we learned from our first program together, Alli and I thought: What if we invited a group of like-minded people to retreat from their busy lives for a few days – and in that process removed the constant stimulation of the external environment that constantly reminded them of who they thought they should be?

We figured if we break away just long enough from our habitual everyday routines, the places we go, the work we do, the food we eat, etc, we could break free of our past conditioning and would be reminded that we are so much bigger than who we think we are.

What if we spent the first few days really teaching you how to meditate, move, and create more coherence and compassion in our hearts – really set that foundation – and then spent the rest of our time together sharing experiences and repeatedly cultivating these new lifelong habits?

I think we would get better at expanding our awareness and opening our hearts to each other – making us naturally happy. Leaving together with a more focused vision of a brighter future!

This retreat will relax, restore, and challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone, while you create space, peace, and balance in your life.

We will learn to slow down, take care of your body and learn to be present so you can really enjoy those gifts that surround you every day in your own life.

Getting out into nature and breaking away from the typical storylines of our lives helps us tap into a deeper awareness that is always with us.

Check out the link for all the details. We’d be delighted if you joined us!

Alli & Andy

Event Schedule