The gap between growing up and growing into myself.

As of this weekend, I have been meditating now every single day for six years.  As I’ve said before, meditation has helped me to understand, trust and go with my gut (and heart) more.  It has brought my inner and outer life more closely together.  (Before I started meditating, I wasn’t even aware of my inner landscape.)  At 40, it seems I’m entering the gap between growing up and growing into myself.

We may never be as enlightened as the Buddha (I’m a catholic so there’s one obvious strike against me), but I believe that there’s a buddha with a lower case “b” within all of us.  It’s the part of you that doesn’t want your ego to run the show all the time.

It knows how to break free of the past, let go and have fun.  It’s the voice of the real you.  It’s your inner, hard working, average, everyday buddha (your own boston buddha) – who resists the status quo.   It wakes you back up and gives you the authentic power to make real change.

Over the past two years I’ve gathered quotes and insights from a variety of books, poems, signs and conversations.  It has been like finding little bits of wisdom along my path.  I’ve  reflected on them, posted them on my site, facebook, and Twitter.  These posts have become our conversations – and my inner food.  I hope my posts make you think and possibly one of these posts will inspire you and start on your own path to becoming the best version of yourself.

Peace IN!


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