Become a certified Meditation Guide in 2023!

Want to start the new year off with more focus, self awareness, and compassion with yourself and in turn others?

Train with us and become a certified Meditation Guide!

The next training begins on January 20, 2023. We will be hosting the training at R3Bilt Fitness again in Milton MA. (right off the highway) 502 Granite Ave, Milton, MA 02186.
Our MFE training is dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to wholeness by cultivating awareness, connecting mindfully, and enhancing resilience and compassion.
The training is very hands-on with practical application. Most importantly, you will learn to deepen your own meditation and mindfulness practice. You will also learn how to teach others with more confidence if that’s what you are looking for, add more variety to your mindfulness sessions, and grow your practice.

Remember that things will change when WE change!

When we shift from the default mode of distracted, reacting, and overthinking all the time, to being and feeling – a rotation in consciousness -and we hold that rotation until BEING becomes the default mode.

It’s such a privilege to host, practice, and fully immerse myself in this training with you each year. We are all on a collective adventure together and I hope that you’ll join us for our next training at R3Bilt right outside of Boston! Email: to set up a call.

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