“Yum or Yuck” Your Way Out Of A Rut

Let’s face it, we all get stuck in ruts from time to time. Repeating the same old boring choices over and over again.  It’s like we’re on autopilot, just going through the daily grind, in a trance, where we are sleepwalking through the choices of our day.  And even when we thiFJ0A0252nk we’re here, present, in the room, we’re usually thinking… about the past, the future, judging something, or reacting.

In order to get ourselves out of these ruts, we need to become more aware of the choices we make ‘in the moment’ and ask ourselves how these choices make us feel.

All of our choices are based on our past actions, these actions generate a memory of the experience. It’s the memory of the repeated experience that fuel our desires and prompt us to make the same predictable choices. Again and again it continues, helping us form the same old safe choice patterns. If you look closely it really directs, limits, and re-enforces all of our choices, based on our past decisions.

Although the past determines the circumstance of the present, the present moment is more a function of our state of awareness; so the more aware we can be ‘in the moment’, the more awake, present, and creative our choices can be – breaking us out of our ruts!

One of the best ways to become more aware of our choices is through a daily meditation practice.  Meditation helps you self reflect, in the moment, giving you the ability to take a step back and see your choice patterns, break your predictable boring choice patterns, so you’re able to form new healthy creative choices.

Once you become aware that you’re about to make a choice, get in the habit of noticing how you feel.  Ask yourself, “is this choice good for me?  is this choice good for the people close to me?”  Then ask yourself, “how will this choice make me feel?” (Yum or Yuck?)  With this new information, if you feel discomfort- don’t make the choice. If you feel comfort- make that new choice!

I hope this helps!


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