Move & Meditate on Nantucket – Weekend Getaway!

Nantucket Get Away!
The Nantucket Hotel & Resort

Take a minute to reflect on all the emotional energy and effort you put into everything that you do in your life – your work, family, friendships, community, travel, health, etc.

Our lives are very busy and clearly over-scheduled!  Sometimes we forget how restorative and renewing it can be to take any time away from our daily routines, to recharge the batteries and connect deeply with ourselves and others in nature.  When was the last time you took a weekend for yourself and disconnected from your phone, your laptop, your weekend routine and just recharged?

Join Andy & Betty for their first Move & Meditate retreat to Nantucket, June 18th to 20th, 2016.

This two night, 3 day retreat will relax, restore and most of all nourish your soul.

Warm sun, the salty sea air, sunrise meditations, mindful yoga, mindful eating, connecting, and maybe even a little mindful drinking to celebrate the start of summer solstice!  Getting out into nature and breaking away from the typical story-lines of our lives, helps us tap into our own deeper awareness.  Here you will find an oasis to slow down, take care of your body and enjoy those around you.


We will be staying at the luxurious newly renovated Nantucket Hotel.
During this mindful retreat, you will experience Meditation in Motion, Walking Meditations, Seated Calm Abiding Meditation, Gentle Flow classes as well as Candlelit Restorative Classes in their brand new yoga studio space.

There will be fun and creative activities and group discussions.  These exercises amplify our awareness into the deeper conditioning that creates our unconscious reactions and decisions in our lives.  We’ll see that there are scores of subtle ways in which we are communicating with each other, where we’re getting a sense of what’s going on inside the other person.  The more sophisticated we become at reading other people, the more connectivity we experience.  Being in a space, sharing with others, is sometimes the mirror we need to remember that everything we need to be happy is within us.


There will also be plenty of time to relax and enjoy time on the island. Since Sunday, June 19th is Father’s Day, this is a perfect retreat for your special guy.
Retreat Price includes 2 nights accomodations, daily breakfast, dinner for one night at the Nantucket Hotel, yoga, meditations and discussions.
$1000 per person for a double 2 person luxury room
$800 per person for a triple/ 3 person room occupancy
** RSVP DEPOSIT $200 to reserve your spot
*Based on Double Occupancy
**exclusions are ferry ride to Nantucket and dinner for second night
Only 20 spots available. Deposit confirms your spot.  Message Betty @

Enlightenment is a team sport!

If this sounds like something that would interest you, we’d love to spend the weekend with you.  If you’re ready to completely unplug and recharge, let us know.  It just may be the perfect antidote to the constant noise of busy, over-scheduled, work-driven lives – and the restorative benefits are many.

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