Meditation Workshop – Dealing With Difficult Emotions

Hope you will join Alli Barnes and me for our next full day workshop on October 14, 2023, 11:00-3:00!It’s my personal favorite and the meditations that I practice the most. This month we will focus is on reducing our anger, frustration and managing our emotions.
We’ll recognize what triggers our emotional reactive patterns. Start to notice how frequently we have these little flashes of irritability and see if we can learn to disconnect from our reactive hot buttons.

The meditation and mindset techniques taught in this class uses your awareness of the present moment and your breath, to help you stay in this moment without judging the moment or yourself so harshly.

Call to register:857-267-2107 or Click Here: Meditation On Emotions

Move & Meditate on Nantucket – Weekend Getaway!

Nantucket Get Away!
The Nantucket Hotel & Resort

Take a minute to reflect on all the emotional energy and effort you put into everything that you do in your life – your work, family, friendships, community, travel, health, etc.

Our lives are very busy and clearly over-scheduled!  Sometimes we forget how restorative and renewing it can be to take any time away from our daily routines, to recharge the batteries and connect deeply with ourselves and others in nature.  When was the last time you took a weekend for yourself and disconnected from your phone, your laptop, your weekend routine and just recharged?

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Free Meditation Workshop on June 11 at 3:30

We all instinctively seek the company and comfort from our friends and family.  And with technologies like email, Facebook, and Twitter, even when we’re alone, we’re never really alone.  Despite our intertwined lives, we each have our own unique purpose, that we can only discover and realize individually.

On June 11, 3:30 at the Milton Library take a break from your social networks and join us, learn how to meditate, and discover…

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