Commit To Sit 2014 – The 250 "Work Day" Meditation Challenge with Stil Studio and The Boston Buddha


“Don’t think. Feel.”  – Bruce Lee


The Challenge:

Meditate twice a day – for ten minutes – Monday through Friday, 5 days a week.  Take the weekend off.

GOOD NEWS: Yoga and Shavasana count as a meditation, so come to yoga with us at STIL STUDIO!


Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience, join us to manage your stress a little easier, lower your blood pressure, improve your focus, enjoy better sleep or explore your inner landscape – this is an exceptional opportunity to learn with some of the most accomplished leaders in the field of mindfulness and meditation. We welcome everyone to be a part of this amazing journey!

What: Meditate with The Boston Buddha and Stil Studio.


Starting MONDAY, January 6, 2014, this life-changing challenge will be open to EVERYONE.  You can meditate on your own or join us at STIL whenever you can.  I will be meditating each morning at 5:00 – 5:20 AM Eastern, in my space at home.  If you’re up that early and feel the pull to be still, meet me in the gap.

The Path:

We will break each week down into meditation themes that will be expanded upon in our Monday Move & Mediate class.  The themes are designed to help us focus on one aspect of meditation and mindfulness which we can continue to work on for the remainder of the week.  Each theme will have corresponding quotes to reflect upon – the sentiment should help us remember to practice mindfulness in our everyday life.  Our purpose is to keep the theme in our awareness throughout the week.  The 250 “work day” challenge is designed to prove how easy it can be to integrate meditation into your day, instilling a new mindful attitude.

Throughout the ENTIRE YEAR we will explore many different meditation styles and practices and play around with different techniques and time periods that work for you, providing tools that keep you inspired to “Commit To Sit”.  The goal is to find a mediation practice that works for YOU, so you can sustain it throughout the whole year and FEEL clear results.

It’s human nature to instinctively seek the company and comfort of others to keep us going, so for me there’s no better place than the community over at STIL.  With technology – including Facebook and Instagram – even when we’re alone we can still support each other and be inspired to sit.

We INVITE you to join our Move & Meditate Facebook Group where we will support and inspire each other the entire year, share our experiences (the breakthroughs and roadblocks), ask questions and offer ideas or theme suggestions for future classes.

We encourage everyone to share their personal experiences each day on the fb page keeping the discussion central, where we can visualize growth, progress and even setbacks over time.  You can also share tips and suggestions from your practice.

There will also be:

• Daily tips, posts and inspirational quotes. We’ll also post testimonials and breakthroughs from our community to help inspire others to keep at it.

BuddhaBreaks and takeaway tools to assist in creating lasting change through meditation.  You can also follow me at TheBostonBuddha on Instagram.  Not to worry, we will continue to keep all information central and pull relevant clips to the M&M FB page.



• (1) guided meditation posted each week.  These meditations will be hosted by Betty Riaz, Andy Kelley, Kevan Gale as well as other friends and Fluid Yoga teachers.

• Do you have a question about meditation? – “Ask Andy”.  Send a question to and Andy will answer some pertinent student questions via video response or on-line.

• Opportunities throughout the year to win free yoga classes and private meditation classes

Please join us on our heartfelt mission to bring meditation and mindfulness into your daily life and into the lives of those around you.



Since 2005, my dharma (purpose) has been simple – make meditation accessible to as many people as I can so they can be more productive in their careers and happier in their lives.

This is how we can do it together in 2014.  Join Betty and me THIS Monday, 1/6 for Move & Meditate at STIL STUDIO (Legacy Place, Dedham, MA) 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM to kick things off – we’ll ALL get clear as we set the foundation for a transformational 2014!  We hope you’ll join us.

“Commit To Sit” and Peace IN.

– Andy

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